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                        Miriam Mackey, CCH

Miriam has been our family homeopath for many years. She has been instrumental in keeping our children on a healthy path! Our youngest daughter was having such trouble cutting new teeth and nothing seemed to soothe her. Before our consultation was over, I could tell that Miriam had a clear understanding of our concerns and we left her office with a remedy in hand.

That night was the first our household slept! I could go on and on… Her office visits are much more comforting to us than our pediatrician – we do not feel rushed, she offers very sound suggestions and our children respond with amazing results.
- Rachel

It seemed I suffered from a sore throat forever. After one too many visits waiting for my primary care doctor, getting the same and very dismissive answers which was always… surgery, I decided to take a different approach.

My first visit with Miriam allowed me more time to actually think (and talk) about how I had been feeling and it was not good – I had no energy but couldn’t sleep and had this nagging sore throat. It was immediate – I felt better immediately! Hours after taking my remedy I could swallow without thinking of a swollen tonsil.

Miriam called me a few days after our first visit – When was the last time your doctor called to see if you were feeling better?
- Jenn

All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I can not express my gratitude for your expertise in assisting me with each and every road block regarding my health and well being. Homeopathy has truly made a remarkable difference in my life! From our first appointment more than 2 years ago, I know that when faced with some type of concern, all I need to do is schedule a time to discuss the situation with you and within days, I am reaping the benefits of your wisdom.

Just recently, you addressed not one, not two but at least three major issues and once again……within days, CURED! It is amazing to me what a little bit of magic placed under your tongue can do. From a person who relied on an anti depressant to get through the day, I can now say, a little drop of Rescue Remedy goes a long way. Since using just this daily, I have not taken a pill in over a year!

I know I have told you that I rave about homeopathy, but I truly do. If anyone who is on the fence about what to do to address a concern without requiring them to pump their body full of toxins or worthless prescription drugs does not know what to do next, the answer is simple, pick up the phone, make an appointment with Miriam Mackey and rest assured that your problem is solved! Once again homeopathy to the rescue. Thank you for making the difference between surviving and living. I am eternally grateful!!
- Michelle

                        Mary Gordon, CCH

For the last 8 years, I’ve been very pleased to recognize Mary Gordon as our family’s homeopath. As a clinician, Mary has a sincerely compassionate approach with regards to any health problem. She’s always in quest of the whole person’s situation, and not just the problem by “title”. Her willingness and energy to get to the bottom of something, is in itself calming - to know that you’re with a person who won’t give-up.

One of the areas of concern that she’s helped us with are the ‘night terrors’ that my third son had. She first treated him for this when he was a senior in High School and it’s now 3 years later and as he says, “I don’t get them anymore!”

I’m happy to recommend Mary; I feel she’d be a welcomed health professional to one’s family. At first contact-you’ll begin to heal.
- Cheri

My husband and I first came to Mary Gordon desperate for help with our colicky, sensitive infant. Mary’s gentle wisdom and loving patience were a tonic to us. Her homeopathic care very quickly helped our son get over his extreme sensitivity, then halted seizures caused by a pediatrician-prescribed drug, stopped the gastro-esophageal reflux that returned after he quit the medicine, and eventually, relieved routine ear infections and sleep trouble.

Mary understands children intuitively and very quickly connects with our son and makes sense of his issues.

Impressed by the efficacy of homeopathy and by Mary’s care, we have come to Mary many times since our son’s infancy. Mary has worked with all the members of our family through a variety of health issues, including two surgeries. We have come to trust her work completely and to rely on her good sense and skill as a practitioner of homeopathy.

- Caitlin

Mary has given me several remedies during my battle with cancer. Before my first surgery, I took surgery tonic, which Mary told me would help reduce bleeding and swelling, as well as promote healing and getting the anesthesia out of my system. I didn't mention the remedy to my surgeon and he probably thought I was crazy because I started to laugh when he came in and reported that I had done very well with my surgery. He said, "There was very little bleeding and not much swelling, and you are wide awake already and your incision looks great."

Mary has given me remedies for quite a few other problems caused by surgery and chemo, most of which have been immediately effective. She is the kindest person I know and she really knows how to listen. She made the yukky stuff I had to endure so much easier, both with her remedies and her gentle, compassionate nature..
- Lisa
  John D. Rockefeller lived to the ripe old age of 98 and was known to have his homeopath often travel with him. He said that homeopathy is "a progressive and aggressive step in medicine."
  ~John D. Rockerfeller
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